"Candy Mirror" News Selected for exhibition at Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos
"Curate NYC 2011" http://www.bronxarts.org/lag.asp

Chosen by Kevin Stayton, Chief Curator of Brooklyn Museum, to be part of his online show of selected Curate NYC entries http://tinyurl.com/6swsetr

Susan Finch's "sit able" furniture is lavishly excessive. She feels when one sits on a chair it should be a magical experience. Her pieces are created from found and recycled objects that are then transformed into fantastical "fun-a-ture."

In a throw-away world Susan rescues the discarded and unwanted, and brings them into a vital relationship with candy, pop images and found objects that create environments that are packed with vivid color, humor, and extravagantly themed decor.

She revitalizes old mirrors, dressers, chairs, boxes; the "stuff" a home would have in it. Her choices of themes, Barbie, Alice in Wonderland, Elvis are all part of her growing up in Phildelphia. Her father, an artist and teacher, set the example for Susan to pursue similar interests in her life.

The surfaces of her art are glued then Envirotec plastic coating is applied in two coats to protect the surfaces and to seal the candy so it will not decay. They are very usable items.